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Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
No, the dumbest thing I ever heard was people consistently resurrecting a 3-year-old thread where there is SO little interest in the product being requested in the first place that now that the E90 platform has been retired, there's even less of a chance of getting something developed (not that there was much chance in the past).

People who wanted RWD bought RWD. Stop whining and move on. Neither Terry nor OpenFlash will make a hack for people to make the xi a RWD car, because quite simply, the ten or so people who actually care will probably have moved on to three newer model cars since then.

To put it concisely: in the three years of this thread, have YOU seen anything other than "pull a fuse and drive around like a retard with your wipers blasting"? No. Did the people who actually did this go on to drive like this on a daily basis? No. Do you think, if Terry, Shiv, the GIAC guys or anyone else really cared, there might have been at least one post by them? Yes, and so, no--they don't care. Do you think now that the E90 is dead they will go out and spend a bunch of money developing a whole new tune for the decreasing number of people who still own one? No.

Not sure if you see a pattern there.
Yeah I agree with most of this, except that it turns out the electronics and computers running the AWD is so f*cking complicated and interwoven with everything else that what sounds easy (a little box to turn off transfer case) is insanely hard. I think a product that did it would sell well, just turns out you have to deal with all the intertwining layers of traction control, abs, DTC/DSC, DBC, e-diff etc etc and it is a giant mess. A lot of smart people with skills have looked at this and apparently given up.

Furthermore, like the the automatic transmission, the software controlling the AWD DSC etc systems may be (probably is) encrypted. You know NO ONE has hacked the TCU yet in AT cars? The only mod out there is Alpina B3 flash. There would be a huge market for TCU reflash like a CObb unit for the TCU. Where is it? It is not because people are lazy or no business case for it, it is because it is too hard.

Hell a reflash of the AWD system may be the right way to go but like I said, if the AT is hard the AWD/DSC/ABS/DBC rat's nest of layered system code is going to be 10 times harder.