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Vishnu Very Bad Business

Dont know what you guys think, but when a professional company takes credit card details from hundreds of people to sell a product then just vanishes into thin air i see that as damn bad business.

YES we all agree we love V2 but SHIV said it was ready for launching and hundreds of people bought the damn thing so where is it, no updates, no info, no word, they just go on holiday after the biggest launch the company has ever seen is very bad planning and just damn bad business.

They should be keeping thier customers informed and updated not going on holiday and vanishing with hundreds of people credit card information.

All im asking for as a customer is to be kept updated and i dont think thats too much to ask from a company that has just taken orders for tens of thousands of dollars from hundreds of people.

I know im probably going to get a couple of posts with people kissing SHIV'S ass saying they working hard, leave them alone and so on but its not about KISSING ASS anymore im paying for a product i want to be kept informed about my order, SHIV has not even told us up to what order number will be getting V2 we dont know whats going on at all. Come on guys please give your customers some info...