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Like i said before, the only part about us being used was for credit. You don't have to be obligated to someone if you don't charge the card. But once you charge it, there should be transactions associated with a sale, and that includes updates if the delivery date cant be met. I cant believe the site still says V2 upgrade kits start shipping on the 10th Sept when in fact none has been shipped. I know Shiv may be busy personally, commercially and recreationally but it doest take 1 min to post an update in any thread. Bees around here skive on threads day in day out. So pretty much everyone will know.

I dont see Shivs business as being bad, but its a weakness that competitors can harp on, disadvantaging him. I have to admit thought that AA support is fantastic compared to Shivs and its the only reason why ppl who have gone for AA as opposed to Shivs Procede. If only customer support improves, it wudnt need to even take V2 to kill off the competition.. I I hope Shiv realises that. To some ppl or even some ppl now, AA looks like the way to go because of false empty promises on dates and poor customer support though i have to admit the girls on the technical support lines sounded very sexy. I need to give them my number next time. Heh..