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Anyone care to speculate on what's causing this delay? Here's my list of possibilities:

1. Delays due to QC or production issues related to the new harness.
2. Beta tester(s) discovered some issues with V.2, and has not yet been resolved. These problems could include:
a. Issues with Check Engine Lights or Limp Modes.
b. Durability issues discovered in the N54 engine or drivetrain with advertised v.2 levels of power.
c. Installation issues.
d. Durability issues with Procede parts spec'ed out for v.2
e. Customization software bugs
f. Problems when certain parameters are set in certain ways with the customization software.
g. Fuel quality sensitivity issues
3. Licensing/legal issues with Haltech regarding V.2
4. Licensing issues with the customization software

Anyone else have any more input?

I don't have procede but I'm very interested to follow how v.2 turns out for all the users.