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The OP wasn't specific about interior or exterior, since techniques will differ.

On exterior surfaces, #0000 super fine steel wool can strip a lot of contaminants. So will a chemical glass polish. Unless the glass is uncontaminated it will never wipe properly and the wipers will streak and smear all the time.

On interior surfaces, I like Bom Ami Power foam ( the best followed by Stoners Invisible Glass.

I have never had good results from microfiber drying interior glass after using a cleaner. I have about half a dozen different kinds of microfiber and none of them have done this job well. For a quick wipe when dry with no cleaner, sure, but I've always found MF to streak when using any kind of liquid. Anyways, I use regular paper toweling.

What I've figured out is that the trick to getting the glass clean is that all of the good stuff happens when the glass is almost completely dry and the cloth gets hard to push around. None of the cleaning really happens when there is ample glass cleaner and the surface feels lubricated.

Spray the foam on the glass and wipe it all around the glass. You're really only applying it and doing a little scrubbing. This is kind of like the washing phase on your paint. Flip your stack of paper towel or switch to a new stack and now you're starting to dry. As soon as you feel the toweling start to grab the glass, flip it again to a barely damp portion and now make sure you rub everywhere thoroughly and pressing firmly - right into all the corners. Some people will make sure they do this last drying in the opposite direction as they rub the outside of the glass so if there are streaks it's easy to determine whether it's outside or inside - I do it however it's easiest to do a good job. As the glass finally goes completely dry (and the towel actually gets easier to move again) your glass is completely clean and streak free.

Again, this "grabby" phase when almost dry is when all the cleaning happens. I never have issues with streaks and my glass usually stays perfectly clean for months. The newer your car, the more quickly it'll streak up (off gassing from plastics). Ditto with the more often you have your windows open.