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Originally Posted by Built My Way View Post
You could try calling/emailing Bavarian Autosport (New Hampshire) Free shipping to 48 states over $150.00. Or... is there any way you can get close enough to solder the wire back together then coat with plastidip wire insulation? All the best.

Added: What you could do is severe the entire thermostat part of the harness maybe a couple of inches above the connector, take it indoors under better access and lighting conditions and try soldering a piece of repair wire to the connector. Then solder the cut harness leads back together. The only thing now is to be careful that you have enough slack in the harness to connect to the thermostat. Just a thought.
Looks like that is what I am going to have to do. Talked to the parts department today and apparently the reason I can't find the harness on any microfiche's is because it's a part of the main engine harness and doesn't separate. More superb german engineering...

The dealership does sell a new connector with a length of wire. I ordered one and will solder it onto the old harness which will give me a little more length so it's not quite as hard an angle going into the plug on the thermostat and hopefully will prevent this from happening again. 2-3 business day lead time on the part.