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Originally Posted by gibumee View Post
After a full tank of gas and WOT like its going out if fashion I realized what my problem was during my first drive after PPK install. My wife was in the car

With some alone time, I quickly realized that the car is definitely more responsive at all RPM ranges. Throttle response is different and for the better. One thing I notice during a quick blip on the trottle at low RPM is that it builds rev quickly then it shifts up even faster creating an uncomfortable jerk. But other that that added power relentless pulls. At times I felt scared during WOT as the suspension bounced and tires slipped on the shitty roads of Chicago.

I am still amazed at how much change in sound it brought to the stock exhaust.
Its also my problem some days. I'm glad you found the PPK to be a nice upgrade. At 50 mph and up, speed increases fast when you go WOT. Great for passing on 2-lane roads. Enjoy.

Originally Posted by bdoooh View Post
I dunno how anyone buys this car and doesn't go WOT regularly...
I dunno, I just turn 53 yrs old, have hand controls (I'm a paraplegic) and WOT is a must every time I drive it.LOL

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