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Wuddya mean I have to wait 3 months for you to build my car? You are a dealership and should have them on the lot RIGHT NOW! So wait, you are charging my card a deposit to place the order and secure my price but I wont ACTUALLY be driving something for a few months?
Are you seriously comparing the ordering of a spec'd automobile to a little gadget that has been hyped and hushed for months now? Let's also mention that BMW doesn't have a reputation for hosing people over or listing delivery dates that aren't even close. Why don't you go browse some of the EVO forums and see the reaction when you post about Vishnu products...make sure you wear your flame suit. All that being said I have been very happy with my Procede but I think that Vishnu has been successful here despite their customer service not because of it. I think those things along with other little things like the whole 'it's not a Haltech...okay you caught me, it's a Haltech' tend to cast little shadows of doubt.