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Originally Posted by MBMWTECH View Post
Its not about the wait - its about the lack of communicaton and information from vishnu. If they came out and said its going to be 2 months --- so be it but they already posted a release date and did not deliver!

Look...I've said this before and I'll say it again. It's not a difficult concept, though to some around here it seems that it is.


Whatever surgery you had I hope it went well, but we all know that you have more than just you in the shop. It's not hard to type a few words on a thread to just have everyone on the same page. And if there's a problem with delegating, then something is broken in how you do business. If there's a problem with initiative, then something is broken. Your lack of communication is indicitave of something being broken. Please don't make excuses on why this why that. It takes NO time to do it and we as your customers expect it and you as the business owner are required to do it. It's just the way it goes, common courtesy and just plain the right thing to do.

I've spoken with some of the Evo folks and it's not like this is something new. The reputation is the same in different communities. That's a shame. Hopefully you're ego isn't as large as your communication skills are lacking. That would really be a shame and I think that if it wasn't for the product that you have, there would be a great majority of us that wouldn't invest in your business.

So, I'd encourage you to kick it up a few hundred notches in the information department. Get some intern to make a post. Take five minutes out of your day to make a post. Tell SOMEONE to make a post. It's as simple as that.