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So these arent the usual mods you see on an e90 and thats what I was going, no offense but i don't wanna another modified e90 cookie cutter

So what is it that you guys dont like,
CF hood?
Tail lights?
Interior lights?

Ps Im not gonna change anything i just want to know what you guys don't like

Now after some helpful criticism and some just plaint out a**hole comments I'm thinking about changing a few things here's a list
1.smoke side markers with vinyl tint and put in some white LEDs
2.remove my banner on my front windshield and put it on the side of my hood.(I want to keep it on somewhere on my car for my sponsor)
3. Either remove one of my fender stripes or the whole thing completely idk yet i kinda like them
4.since my fogs don't work anyways I was thinking about just wrapping them in matte black vinyl to match the grills and make it look like a fog delete

What do you guys think now?

So I don't really care about the haters' comments but a lot of positive advice was to get better wheels or spacers and tomorrow I'm gonna get my ZCP's on, they're matte black so it kind of matches with the silver/black scheme and they're 19x8.5 and 19x9.5. I will upload pics when I do.

Thanks to those with helpful criticism and to those D-bags that just hate, you can keep hating I don't care.

UPDATE* well since i guess this thread is getting revived i guess I'll make an update.
Well some things I did since the last time
-got rid of the M stripe stickers on one side, but I'm keeping the german colors
-got some new wheels, 19x8.5 in the front and 19x9.5 in the back matte black wheels
-cleaned up the brake calipers
-CF hood emblem
-cop made me get rid of the banner :/ , dont worry I'll put it back on for you haters
- i got rid of all other stickers
-got rear ended by some dumb ass

The pictures aren't really that recent so so old stuff might still be on the car but who cares

And I'm on the iphone app so uploading more pics is hard so I'll post them in the comments instead

The somewhat updated pics are on page 9...well at least for the app idk about the desktop version
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