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Originally Posted by FormerRotor
Assuming you're not just trolling...
I like some of the bits by themself, but can't say I'm a huge fan of all of it all together. It still woundnt be what I'd do personally, but I think maybe painting the hood so only the center was exposed CF (assuming thats your thing) and ridding yourself of one of the two mismatched fender banners would make it flow a bit better.

Also, you don't strike me as a dark burl walnut type. Plan to ditch it?

Kudos for doing your own thing and posting it to a site where you knew it'd be a bonfire. As long as you like it, Internet opinions don't matter (but you asked for them so you obviously know that )
My old account was E90_bryan, maybe you can find it and see how my front bumper used be, the middle was painted black, but I'm considering wrapping the outer parts of the hood in a vinyl that was 99.9999% color match and maybe get this what do you think? And as for the stripes I know the M stripe is miss matched but i just dont like the purpleish color and the germar flag colors are out of order but i like the black in the middle