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It seems you have been making a lot of these types of posts. I hate to break it to you but 99.8% of the people on this forum are not into the types of mods that you like, in fact most are 100% against it. Now you can still get sponsored but modifying everything on the car with wild graphics, lights, carbon fiber, and the lot is just not what you're going to find on this forum.

That being said, since you're in socal though and that amount of mod shops and companies out there I would suggest going around and talking to the people at these types of places. People aren't just going to give you free parts, etc. unless the benefit from it. You're going to have to show them that they can increase their exposure, market base, customer base, etc. form sponsoring you. Also remember that the people who would potentially sponsor you also have cars and could just mod their own cars (sponsor themselves if you will). I wouldn't go into it expecting to get a sponsor that is going to give you however many thousands of dollars in parts, that just doesn't really happen.
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