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Originally Posted by TiAg E90 View Post
It was a kit that i got from IJDMtoy but i wouldnt go to them they messed up the first order, and you can find out the bulb size, but going sylvania or something like that sorry i forgot
ijdmtoy is a good company, if they messed up then theyll fix it. They simply messed up an order, its not like they broke something in your car (unless they did, then say so otherwise)

Originally Posted by TiAg E90 View Post
The banner is for my sponsor, he's helped me out so much, so I can help him out with that
To my knowledge VIS racing doesnt sponsor anyone nor do they offer sponsorship. I'm really close with the owner and I have gotten parts from him. Unless you're posting up as a favor/roll call, it's not really a sponsorship.

All in all, I bought my car when I was 19 and I do remember what it felt like to not have enough funds to mod my car like a lot of these other ppl on the forum do. I do respect you for posting up your "car" and I do like to see people grow on their mods, but like a lot of the members said, you car just isnt my cup of tea either. Just keep building on it and dont let others change what you like and etc. Everyone grows in and out of phases. I definitely did, from the hellaflush scene to wekfest and etc. Some people here do give good advice, be sure to listen to them. The order of your mods are also important, just because you have enough funds for a CF hood and not coils and wheels doesnt mean you should go out and buy that hood. Start from the ground up (literally). Good luck bud