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"Having the hookup," as you say, is terminology you may want to leave out of your discussions with business owners to whom you seek to present a case for including you and your vehicle among their population of beneficiaries. Though I have no "hookup" to offer you, I can say that as a principal responsible for multiple >$20 million projects, reading the post with which you opened this thread, I wouldn't exactly think you want to seek sponsorship as part of a win-win relationship, and that would be enough for me not to consider it. If by "hook-up" you mean a relationship with business owners who see the sponsorships you seek as part of their promotional and advertising strategy, I suspect that if they aren't ringing your phone, you'll have to do cold calling to establish such a relationship.

In addition to the suggestion above regarding stepping up your game as goes professionalism, I suggest you also identify what it about sponsoring you and your car that provides a prospective business owner with something they don't already have or how it can equal something they already have, but cost them less. If you have friends who work in the non-profit industry, they may be able to help you put together a strategy for accomplishing your goal, for folks in that industry are pros at obtaining money and tangibles in return for little more than a positive mention here and there.

All the best and good luck in your endeavor.

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