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Originally Posted by kdbryce
Originally Posted by TiAg E90 View Post
I don't care as in I'm not gonna get down because so douchebag doesnt like my car, but i would like some input as to what i could change or what else i can add
uh change everything. and as everyone else said, start over.

you're ruining it for everyone else. now people are gonna see your car and assume we're all like that

this is what happens when some punk kid thinks he's hot shit getting a bmw for like $7k and ruins it
Wow dude can you sound like any more of a douche bag, come on after all love BMWs so lets just get along, and I'm not some punk kid that thinks hes hot shit ok some stop making insinuations, and as for the sponsorship yeah I do get discounts and yeah I'm sponsored by the owner.