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It's a competitive space. I get all parts at wholesale cost and labor at discounted rate. I'm not sponsored it doing anything for this, just have friends in the industry... It seems that sponsorship normally means discounts in the 15% to 40% range on parts. I've NEVER seen free parts given out. You'd better still have deep pockets because to break in you need to already have a major project underway.... Getting sponsorship can help decrease cost on a project you're doing, but you'll <almost> never be able to find a situation where someone backs your project and you're then not paying for it.
Yeah I've been finding that out slowly, I have heard of free stuff before but thats for top notch cars that win every event. As far as money goes I'm 17 so I dont have any, and since i get a pretty large discount(30-50% off) from SOME of my sponsors, I'm trying to sell product at less then retail but enough to make a profit
That's a good way to get people really pissed at you and burn your bridges. You're essentially distributing their parts under the guise of a sponsorship (you should have a distribution contract for that).... At best, it's simply dishonest. At worst, well...

Just don't do that.... My advice to you is to drop your dream of being sponsored, stay in school, and get a job you like (so you can then pay for your own mods).
I dont really sell them as much as make the connection/ reference and get small cut