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**********s let me down

I had ordered a few things without a hitch from the website. Couldnt have gone smoother with the ordering process to shipping quickly. Everything was excellent, but sadly that ended.

I went in for one of the hyperblack CSL wheel sets. I placed my order on Aug. 27th. Before I placed the order I asked "Is everything in stock". The answer I got was "Yes, the wheels are in stock but we are about a week out on the tires". Just making sure I asked again "Im looking for the hyperblack staggared, are they in stock?" again the reply was "yes, those are definitely in stock".

They showed a response in the GP thread that the tires had come in and everything was good to go. I PM'd and asked when they were shipping out and the response was "within the week".

Two weeks later no shipping email so I PM again. Apparently there was a problem with the rear wheels. Ok, so why wasnt I told this and what happened to the ones that were in stock? No answer, just that the new ones were coming in about a week.

Week later, sorry but they are still not in yet. However, they should be coming in around the 17th or 18th. However, Im a week away for shipping so that meant I would get them around the 23rd or 24th if I was lucky. I needed these wheels for the 30th which is why I placed the order a month in advance. I cancelled my order with a call and an email to **********s on the 14th because I couldnt deal with misinformation and not knowing if the wheels would ever be sent.

I just got my statement for my credit card and see that no credit was issued for the cancellation. I call up their customer service(now 10 days later) and they say "Yep, I see that it was cancelled right here on the 14th. Guess they forgot to issue a credit". So they did it while I was on the phone and sent me a confirmation email.

Hmm, guess Ill forget to order from them again.

Meanwhile, I ordered from another company(who I will praise hopefully in another thread) and those wheels should be showing up today and I ordered them a week ago. Thank God for competition.
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