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Originally Posted by Mike************ View Post
Hi Alex,

We are sorry if there was any miscommunication on your order. I am not sure who you were speaking with on the phone when the order was processed, or what sales rep(s) you were dealing with. I do see that we processed the order on time, and that on the 16th the order was cancelled. That's unfortunate because on the 18th our wheel/tire orders started shipping out (1 business day after you cancelled).

There must have been a miscommunication somewhere in this process. We do keep CSL wheels in stock as our separate inventory, and it's possible that the number was off by a couple of wheels in our system, or an order was placed right before your's that took the remaining inventory. We sell a ton of these wheels, and when inventory gets low it seems that this type of situation is inevitable because wheels are being shipped as orders are coming in. You probably got caught on the edge of that inventory situation. You have my personal apologies on that, even though I am not positive that's what happened with your order. I can look into it in further detail if you need me to, but it's pointless now that the order has been cancelled and refunded.

If you need anything else from myself or the rest of the **********s team, we are here to help. Again, sorry about any miscommunications.
Ill PM you with the details of who I was dealing with. Like I mentioned in my post, I had previously very good success ordering from your website. I was just let down that once I started dealing with people, the satisfaction fell short. I was told there was a problem with the rear wheels and you needed a new replacement shipment. I couldnt be promised that they would be in on the date mentioned, it was only hopeful. I unfortunately didnt have the patience or the confidence I would have my wheels in time.

What I was most upset with was that I had to call to make sure my order was cancelled because I never got a notification for it. And that I was never refunded. If I hadnt called to make sure that it was, then it never would have been refunded. I was very close to taking up an inquiry with my credit card company so I wouldnt be hit with continued finance charges.

I do thank you for responding to this thread and will hesitantly look to you for future mods. You do carry some unique offerings for the e90's that cant be found anywhere else. I like to be loyal, but you only have to burn me once to send me packing.
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