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Originally Posted by kdbryce
bro, you honestly have something wrong with you if you think you actually have sponsors. I'd bet that if the company whose banner you have on your windshield actually saw it, they'd ask you to take it off. I doubt they want your car to be associated with their shop in any way. it will deter customers. sponsorship usually involves paperwork

I know the owners of a couple shops and I'm sure they would give me a discount if I was interested in their merchandise. Does that mean they sponsor me?

and do you really think going around asking for free shit is going to get you sponsored? you're 17, drive the lowest model BMW available, and you don't know how to mod it. I mean you're driving around on plastidipped 16" wheels.

It's time to reevaluate your priorities and stop posting stupid threads on here. Usually people that post this many stupid threads and have <50 posts are the ones who are repeatedly asked to leave by other forum members
Sorry, bryce is 100% correct- sometimes the truth hurts. I'm not here to bash anyone, but we all modded our rides the same way- we worked hard and paid for them (mostly).

It is exceptionally difficult to get sponsors to pay for your mods- and not just any ol' shmuck will get sponsored.

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