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Originally Posted by Ferg View Post
You can try and work the system. Technically you don't have to get your car inspected until your registration expires, which hopefully you got the two year since it's a new car. If so, you don't have to worry about it for two years, maybe PCS time.
I doubt that (if you refer to Germany). The car is not inspected for technical modifications on the regular TÜV check intervals, just for safety and emissions. If it is a new car, you have to show up after 3 years, afterwards, it's every two years.

Modifications fall into different categories: Parts with an E- or ECE-number have documents (expertises), according to which some have to be presented at TÜV and some do not. Also, some modifications have to be registered in the car's documents after TÜV approval (some minor mods do not have to be registered before anything else has to be recorded in the car's papers, but the TÜV approval or expertise must be at hand in case of a police inspection).

The main concerns approval of tuning modifications are max speed (no problem in case of e piggyback: it's still limited), emissions and noise volume, but also immunity against electrical immisions. The TÜV does not pose any problems if there is an expertise for the part or modification. If there is no such expertise, they have to do some quite expensive tests (sometimes destroying a few specimens, like with tyres).

Since Procede is software-upgradeable, the emission values could theorectically be changed "at will", so a passed test would mean nothing if the user modifies the data afterwards. TÜV Munich told me that for this reason there can be no approval whatsoever for any "field upgradeable" solution like the Procede.

If the modification is risk-relevant in any way, you also have to notify your insurer after getting approval (they might raise rates because of that).