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You drive a BMW at 17 yet you have no money or way to make it or even be given it?

You don't show your car, you don't have a particularly special car yet you think someone should give you a sponsorship so you can undercut them?

Can you not work rather than drive around asking people to give you free/discounted parts that you are in turn trying to sell for a profit?

At 17 I was driving a Corrado that had full coils, a shave job and a set of WRD's. I think those wheels cost me around $2800 back in 2001, I got a job, worked, saved, bought stuff.

Nothing wrong with some help, I talked the rents into a co-signed loan. Begging for parts to hock under the guise of "sponsorship" is really shitty, not help. I hope your car breaks.

To be honest, you are a huge douche. You are the reason companies DON'T sponsor people. Not only are they losing money by giving you free or discounted parts they are also losing both potential sales from you undercutting them as well as an inevitable drop in price because you are going to be out blasting your mouth off about how:

"Yeah man, these guys are my BOYS! They hook me up on everything, you should go in and say I sent you and he will give you a great deal."

You think you are being cool and networking when in reality you are making it harder for him to sell his product at any level of an already low profit. You sent someone there for a "deal" so now he is dealing with that bullshit "Some kid in a parking lot told me you sponsor him and could hook it up".

Yeah this sounds like a wonderful plan, I can't imagine why people aren't jumping all over this. What a douche, get a job and quit bitching. Can't you just go about what the rest of idiotic 17 year old kids in SoCal do and run into a wall drunk?