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I'm not going to put you down kid cause I remember what it was like to have that kind of desire and ambition at your age. It's not a bad thing, BUT, you have to realize that a sponsorship is basically a business partnership in a sense. Yes we're all enthusiasts and love our cars but at the end of the day, for the companies to continue doing what they (we) all love, they have to make money. There's no profit in sponsoring someone who can't make them profit. Not to mention there's guys/gals who already have money or have invested money to bring their car to a certain level which attracts attention from others as well as sponsors. When those sponsors see those cars and want to offer the owner a sponsorship, it's so they can make more money. Sorry to break it to you but this is how it really works. At the end of the day it's about making profit.

My suggestion, if you really love modding and being around cars so much, look into a technical school rather than a traditional college after you graduate (assuming you haven't already). From there you will be able to get a better view of all the various areas in the auto industry, become proficient in one area that you like the most but start your networking from there. Afterwards you can work for a company, or if you're really ambitious, open your own shop. Once you do that you won't have to go around asking for sponsorships.

Yes this is going to take a long time (something your generation seems to have a hard time dealing with now-a-days) but the rewards will be greater in the end. Do it now while you're still young and have time and room to make mistakes. Trust me.

Good luck to you man.

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