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I try to not post negative things about others BUT I just found the ops thread about his car and WTF. You are so far from having a chance of getting sponsored its ridiculous. WTF is that garbage system in your trunk, I assume u threw that in there yourself. I am all for doing what makes YOU happy and if these "mods" are making YOU happy then great but you have to realize that 99.9% of people are looking at your car and thinking what a shame he ruined a perfectly good BMW. When your talking about sponsors you have to be willing to make your car the way the majority of people are going to like it and you did the exact opposite of that. Not to mention you will need professional quality installs not something that looks like a couple high school kids thought would be fun to do while smoking pot after school.

What do we think of your baby? We think someone should call child protective services

Enjoy your car but realize you are never going to get a sponsor like this and also that you are destroying the cars value in the process.
"And just one question I might ask yah, and it might sound like A disaster, can you make this thing go faster?"