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Hi guys

Ive been on the verge of buying the 320si for many months now and was finally going to finalize it these coming weeks. Its intended use is as a daily driver, replacing my 98 e36 M3 Sedan.

In light of the above-mentioned problems, would you advice me not to? I live in an area with cold(ish) winters and warm(ish) summers. The ones Ive tried have actually all been a little lumpy upon cold starting.

If not the si I guess I would go for a VW Golf R32 or similar.

Advice greatly appreciated.


PS. The funny thing is that there are literally hundreds of cars for sale in Germany alone (320si that is), at least over 150 at dealers and prices seem to be plummeting and good deals can be had, at least in my case so Im very keen on the car.