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Originally Posted by dieselgg View Post

How many kms on your your 335? Just want to get an idea when to expect water pump/thermostat replacement. Although I do hear it varies between 100,000 to 150,000kms.
Generally you don't change it unless it breaks. However, when it breaks you will be left stranded and require a tow. I have 120K on the odo and I changed my pump because I scanned and found a comm error to the water pump, not because it failed. After some investigation, I discovered that the source problem was the pump and it would eventually fail.

If you want to be pre-emptive I say 100 to 150 is a good range.

FYI - it's $711 for the water pump at the dealership. Thermo is cost of parts plus max 30mins of labour, but even that thats being generous.