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Good morning folks!!

Thank you Jose for the very great DIY!!!

I have an E87 LCI car manufactured on may 2011 (production level #0311 on VO), with business headunit fitted from factory.

Following this DIY I've bought an used professional headunit with USB ad BT, same part number of Jose's one (65129263465), who I can't find in realoem and in webetk. I'm still waiting for the microphone and cables.
So I put the headunit in place and USB listed ad the menu (I can't try it), BT is present, I am able to pair the phone and to listen calls (I can't speak because I haven't the microphone). The only minor problem are that Voice Command are in english and sound don't hear very well.
Then I proceed to coding, I've added $663, $6FL and $6NN to the VO at CAS and NFRM. Magically 2RAD take the place of 1RAD in the ECU list, but in NCSExpert I'm not able to do CODIERDATEN_LESEN and SG_CODIEREN jobs with 2RAD, they return an error. The only job Who run without problem is SG_RESET, when I run it the headunit display goes down for a couple of second and then it return up showing hour and date.
Now the sound is better, I can hear PDC and VC become in italian (according to the VO).

All seems to work fine, but I can't read and write 2RAD ECU.
Problem is very similar to this: but BT and USB seem ok!

This was my VO before the coding:
and is my VO now:
(about +KRAD service code I started a topic at:

Daten files are up to v.49 and NCS EXPERT seems to be ok, I have done some jobs at CAS, KOMBI, HKKA ecus without problem...

Also I would like to write my car's VIN in the Headunit who still has the VIN of the old car (the VIN is readable in INPA and the last 5 digit are the same of the Bluetooth device name that appears in the phone)

Any help is appreciated!
Thank you!


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