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Yikes Not been on here for a while. Nice car mate. What a change you have done.

When i saw the csl style bootlid in the beginning i was, i wonder what is he gonna do.

Like the change of colour mate. Similar to redish/orange e92 of one of the Surrey Projects. It good to be different.

The look of the 1M bumper on the e9x , make it look more aggressive. Wished they did it for a e46 m3, which you can get here. When i get mine i am tempted to source one from the states.

Sadly i was not able to make the Gaydon event but will be going for the next one(Players one).

I think i have seen your old e46 about in Harrow ends. Used to be around that area seeing some of my cuzs and mates.

In terms of the alloys mate, I would wait and get some original 2 piece split alloys.

Thats what i have been doing recently, looking for the right one, so that when i get the new car i can just bolt them on for show season. Then use the current BBS RS-GT reps as a winter setup. Good luck with the find mate.

Also one mod which can make the car stand out more is changing the colour of the leather.

Done it on mine, Check out the Evotecknik forum or e46zone one. Got a thread about it. Pm if you have any question about it.

Looking forward to the rest of the mods. Good luck.