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Okay so an update, this week was very busy for me at work so I haven't had as much time to dedicate to tracking what's going on in this thread and the meet up in general (Work always gets in the way of my personal life). I hope people were able to buy the 1L of Pentosin CHF 11S and will bring it with them because I haven't had time to order any myself. I did do a trial run on my pickup truck to make sure everything would work properly and nothing would get messed up (so far so good with my pickup truck power steering fluid flush).

With that said... I would still like to see if I can get some local's who come out... to commit to doing the power steering flush with me if I go all in and get the huge 20L jug o Pentosin CHF 11S? Even if just 10 people commit to being interested in doing it... that would be enough critical mass for me to get the jug.

If you don't have my contact info yet and your planning to come out today... please send me a PM. If you already have my contact details... please send me a text or something before you leave home so I can know approximately when people are showing up. The one project that must be done IS MY INTERIOR LEDs... I've been slacking on doing that for too long. :P

Just as a reminder... as the temps start getting colder in October... we really need to keep on top of our tire pressure, with each 10*F drop in temps... we lose 1 PSI in our tires. The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning to the stupid yellow/red *ding* saying you have low air and wondering if it's a nail or just need to be topped up? I'll be offering to check everyone's air pressure with my handy-dandy pressure gauge and setting your tire pressure to whatever you want it to be at (Compensating a little depending on if the tires are warm/cold or the ambient temp of the day compared to the forecast for the week's temp).

Beverage selection will be:
* Dr. Pepper Can
* Cherry Coke Can
* Sprite Can
* Bottled water

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