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The Logic 7 is excellent for a stock system. But it is possible to get a better sound. Within limits though. For example the Logic7 sounds very good on all seats. If you build a system optimized for the drivers seat (with digital time allignment) you can get even better sound but then the sound will be inferior to the sound of the Logic 7 on the other seats.

I dare say, my aftermarket stereo in my E90 is objectively quite a bit better than the Logic 7 if youīre in the driver seat. But itīs not as good on the other seats. And since itīs not a stock headunit, the (optical) integration is not as nice, I take up the compartment under the trunk for a DSP and three amps etc.

On top of that, the components are a lot more expensive than the whole Logic7 setup, and if I were to calculate the time it took me to research the electronics of the E90 to make an aftermarket system work properly plus the time it took me to install and tweak the system, it would be more expensive than many home systems.

So, to beat the sound of Logic 7 in the E90 I had to:

- neglect the sound quality on all but the drivers seat
- forgoe the visually perfect headunit integration of the stock HU
- give up the compartment under the trunk liner
- spend about 3000$ for components (HU, DSP, Amps and Speakers)
- spend about 40 hours on research
- spend about 30 hours on the install
- spend about 15 hours on tweaking

And now I have a system that most would not even recognize as beeing truely better than the Logic 7 ("Wheres the booming Bass, dude?, why now surround? Why canīt you play a video DVD, dude?)

Still, I enjoy it immensly. My car has more accurate audio reproduction than many home systems. I know it, I hear it, and it makes my drive to work a lot more enjoyable.

Just, whoever thinks he can beat the Logic7 in the bang for the buck department it dead wrong. Youīll spend a lot more $ just to get close to the quality of the Logic7. Louder and more bassy than the L7 are easy. Better is really hard.
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