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Originally Posted by ShereKhan View Post

If its cheap i'd go for it. But I think you will find the R32 is in a league of its own compared to the 320si.

I think they should have made a 325si. I too have noticed the prices seem to very cheap in the UK 2nd hand market.

As the 320si is a lot cheaper than a 320 M Sport which was more expensive but more readily available. I expected the car to be least available to be more expensive.

I think a lot of the Si's were bought by dealers and then sold as ex demo cars.
Shame really as it is a good car.

In answer for your query on reliability I would not worry too much about the idling issue too much.

My car gets its fair share of cold starts and hot starts - the mileage is nearly 31k miles in a year. If you are anywhere near the German Autobahn then its the car to get - get it to 100 mph in 5th and then floor it and hear that engine sound - It sounds like a real touring car

Shame I can't do 100mph in the UK legally
Giz, I second ShereKhan's thoughts on the 320si. I've put 10k miles on in 6 months, I bought it second hand and have no issues with that, my own rough idle has been sorted (see previous posts) and when I had the problem it did not effect the normal running of the car.
I'm on my fourth Porsche and rate the handling of the si as good as the 944, nearly as good as the boxster and its no poor relation to my 997. The 320si is BMWs little secret, Andy Priaulx is looking for his third WTCC in one of these (slightly modified I'd admit). Its good on a long run due to the excellent seats. I'll say no more as I'm biased being one of the lucky UK 500 owners.