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Originally Posted by DSC_OFF View Post
Wow awesome shot CJ, maybe running different groups ain't so bad after all. But yea I agree, not sure if I'll do this event again although they sorta made it up on the end day but 2.5 hours of wait time in between sessions is brutal. On a positive note I managed to finally break 1:20 and did 1:19 a few times in my final session.
If the e90 wasn't in your line and if you drafted on the e36 a little more, you could have gone into 1:18. Which is very impressive for a non-M with street tires. Steady hands too.

Originally Posted by DSC_OFF View Post

Chasing Will I Am Mr M, who by the way set a world record for waiting FIVE laps to give a point bye LOL. Car looks good btw, way more planted than your e90 was.
this car still looks like a fat pork, slouching left and right. I didn't know I looked so sloppy from behind.

I think I'm good on the first half until turn 7 (left hander) and "the tip." I gotta stop the double apex thing; it seems i'm really losing speed at the top of the hill.

Dan, I bet we have similar power to weight. I didn't seem to get away from you in the straights.