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Thanks to ShereKhan and Paul for your input.

Exactly what I wanted to hear The R32 is in another league performance wise but Im more of a handling junkie than performance junkie and get my performance kicks from my bikes. Furthermore a Golf will always be a Golf, no insult intended.

Having had a few Porsches Im glad to hear that comparison to be in favor of the si.

Pricewise, I would say its about 40% if not more off the new price. I have lined up a few cars, all Alpine white or Le Mans blue to look further at and ultimately buy the best, and cheapest one I find when I am in Germany in a couple of weeks time. Through extensive research and talking to dealers in Germany etc. I reckon I should be able to buy a low milage (6-15000 km) car for around 23-27000 euros, if not less and then deduct the 19% German vat and have a lot of car for the money.

My questions about the reliability issue were mainly because I intend to keep the car for some years.

Thanks for your answers and will keep you posted.