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Originally Posted by GoRomeo
Originally Posted by index1489 View Post
Your not suppose to grease the pins, only clean them with brake cleaner, the grease will cause the rubber bushing to swell and cause them to start sticking, they are designed to work dry.

I been having the squeaking on accel problem for years, recently a BMW Tech told me to check the rotor backing plate, if you hit this often when you remove your wheels it could be rubbing the back of the rotor.

I'm planning on pulling my rotor off (passenger side) and checking this today.
I have to disagree. Adding greese to the pins was recommended by a few mechanics on videos I watched.

Is not the backing plate, Check for lip on the rotors and change pads to non OEM.
Don't be so sure. I'm on original rotors at 80k and had a squeak from 20k. I bent the plate back almost 2 yrs ago in the rear and no squeak since.