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Another W/H issue

Originally Posted by BroncoHound View Post
Has anyone else had a problem with broken wires to the connector for the thermostat? I went to replace my water pump and thermostat today and found this:

Has anyone replaced this wiring harness? It includes the water pump connection, a ground, and runs up beneath the valve cover. I can't seem to find it on Ticher's fiche's and it was 4:30pm today when I found it so, of course, my local dealership parts department was already closed. Can anyone give me some guidance on where to look for a new harness?
YES -- I am currently in the middle of this and have found the connector wire to be worn but not broke -- only a few wire strands showing. Working on an 07 335i MT. I did remove the intercooler and radiator fan -- the third WP bolt will be a breeze. The clip hose connectors are the real pain. Plan on completing the job tomorrow morning. This has been a big help!