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Camera regultions

I have never run with BMW SoCal Chapters, just the Golden Gate CCA and some of the cubs in Northern California. The clubs up here allow cameras mounted to suction cups. Is the SoCal chapter enforcing their rule on the info sheet about no cameras on suction cups? Or is that rule out of date now?

I am wondering why they have this rule. The GoPro suction cup, for example, is rated for high speeds for automotive use. I have had it mounted on the outside of my car with speeds in excess of 120mph at Thunderhill and had no problems, not mention during auto crosses where I am really tossing the car around. That suction cup mount just isn't going to let go. Tons of people use them up here, and I have never heard of one coming loose.

The only time I have heard of a camera coming loose on track is when a spec E30 racer had it mounted with an adhesive mount near is radiator on a 105 deg day.