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Originally Posted by Miami Bimmer06 View Post
Im looking for a place where I can get my oil changed thats not a dealer, I just finished my break-in, and Would like to change the oil. Refer me only if you have been there, and they do good work.

Thanks, Carlos

I don't know what to suggest other than to do it yourself. Most places, although working with BMW's cannot be trusted. I once went to the BimmerShop near the beach to get a quote for an installation of springs and got quoted nearly 1300 nos prings included and they had mechanics sitting on the trunk of other clients cars eating their lunch. Its like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Its really easy, although the first time is messy simply because you don't know what to expect or what direction the draining oil will shoot.

If you want I can help you out to do it yourself that way you can do it all the time yourself in the future. I'm in the Kendall Area.