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^^^ A couple up to the guy with the 3.73 lsd, thanks for the thoughts. I had a 3.64 rear but when to a 3.38 ... first gear was a little too jumpy and I didn't like the noise associated with 3100 rpm at 75mph... but hey that why there are choices.

My car has 130,000 miles on it now... with the gearing (3.38 is still a nice jump, makes the car feel like 10% lighter) the PE and charcoal delete... along with religious upkeep this car runs very strong. At a recent track day, my instructor had an e36 m3 track car and was very impressed with how well my car worked on the track as well as the power. The shorter gearing definitely helps the two steep uphill sections at Watkins Glen, but I found myself shifting more than with the 3.15s... and on the front stretch I was at the top of 4th gear before braking for turn 1.

My question is this... the engine in my car is very strong. It used just a half qt of 0w40 M1 between the two weeks and 750 miles of driving leading up to and including 7 sessions of 80 degree track school. It typically uses just 1 qt between my 7500 miles oil changes, great on gas, responsive ect. If I get the flash for my car, will it lean it out to the point of danger with those repeated extended periods of 6500+ rpm? There's just points with the gearing in my car that the next upshift makes no sense because I will be quickly downshifting again. If the tune is safe for this type of situation, then would it makes sense to bump the revlimiter up to 7200 rpm?

By no means am I questioning AA's skill or knowledge, I am just looking to stretch (again) my all in one car.