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Coilover Noise, Help Needed!

So I installed ST coilovers on my e92 335i with 48k miles. The ride is incredible but the springs were binding and the the sway bar was binding as well. I added m3 upper/lower control arms and the problems only got worse. We loosened (the bolts on top of the struts) below the factory recommended settings and the coils stopped binding. I also had an alignment done and added powergrid adjustable endlinks (10-90mm). They are extended to 14 inches. The car isn't pulling/the sway bar isn't binding but I think the springs are I do have an e93 m3 sway bar kit on order but I'm not sure this will fix my problems.

I see my options as:
1) Pray the noises I hear are sway bar/bushing related and hope my new kit resolves my problems.
2) Loosen the top bolts in the struts even more. Which is scary because they are lower than recommended specs already.
3) Shorten the endlinks and hope it doesn't cause issues with the sway bar and pulling.

I can't see anything rubbing or hitting. It sounds like the springs are the culprit. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to eliminate the noises...