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Originally Posted by dfv2
Define "binding", and what are you loosening? The three nuts at the strut mount? How exactly would this stop anything from "binding"?
The bolt we loosened (on each front strut) was at the top of the strut holding the top hat and bearings in place to the strut. (Not the bolts holding the strut to the car )

When we tightened it originally (to factory specs) the top hat would not rotate and so the spring did which made a loud clicking noise as it turned (when I turned) the steering wheel. This seems odd to me. I've never heard anyone need to do this but it made my car much quieter and didn't hurt the performance.

The binding occurred when the load was on one side of the sway bar. The sway bar was bent/ taking load because my endlinks were too short.

We thought about adding new top hats or bearings but everything looked pretty clean as my car has only 47k miles.

Hopefully this answers your questions. Thank you in advance for your help.