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Originally Posted by Cyprio View Post
You said that a few posts back and you're still here spouting your shit!

You have been exposed and given a sound spanking by a fellow forum member who's obviously far more intelligent than yourself in these matters.

I guess you're now quitting again as it won't be too long before said fellow forum member looks-in and again dissects your crap!
Please STFU. You sound stupid and immature.

Wow i can't believe how affected some people are by my thoughts and accusations vs the US Government. Every article i have posted, everything about Guantanomo Bay and Israel/Iraq is VERIFIED, yet we still have some dick heads trying to defend that. I think we obviously have some long time patriots on here who won't accept anything but their Government is right.

So this is just going to turn into some meaningless playground slanging match with people brown nosing and acting tough. Which leaves my true worries about whats happening behind.

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