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Originally Posted by AzureHaze View Post
Question: Did someone previously claim that the car runs a bit more smooth off the line when the JBD is at under 100%? I swore I saw a post before but forgot to inquire about it. Or I might of been seeing things.
I would agree with that. At 100% the car drives a bit differently, I dont know if smooth is the word since it doesnt hesitate (for me) or do anything like that, but the way it drives is noticeably less 7 series more Corvette ZR1. This actually makes sense because the DDE supposedly controls based on torque modeling of the engine, so feeling like it has more power than it knows what to do with might be a good explanation, since with the JBD at 100% it makes a lot more power than the DDE thinks it is making. Its not really off putting probably to most enthusiasts, but someone who is looking for a smooth easy ride probably would prefer 50%