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Laughable everyone is airing their personal views on whats best to stop the violence in Syria, but it turns nasty.

You don't have to agree with people but simply understand their makes that much more or an informed individual!

My take on the Syria issue...violence won't help. It will just lead to more innocent people getting killed and a rekindling of the middle east/west hatred - if it ever died down! Leaders need to find another way...thats what they been elected for! Who wants outsiders taking charge of their country? Surely a muslim lead resolution (as 1 MP suggested) is a better case scenario?!

And lastly when you hold these strong opinions on world issues do you really think you know the full extent/truth of the matter to the point where you can insult, ridicule and totally dismiss someone else's opinion? One minor change in the details you assume are fact could sway your opinion completely!

Im not defending anyone...just airing my 2p. I think end of the day we all agree that the situation over there is sad!