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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
People, let's agree to disagree and squash the beef. I've read through this entire thread and I personally concluded to myself that certain people are quite smart in their demeanour of discrimination.

It doesn't surprise me that some people are this way but such is life. I hate to think what is actually going on in Syria right now.

I think Mob17 was quite right in voicing his thoughts.

I dislike violence so that's me over and out!

Well said mate.

I agree with the above. Me and tony obviously have totally opposite views and beliefs. Carrying on this debate isn't going to get us anywhere as i, nor tony, will change our beliefs. Also you can't argue with such a clearly patrotic person.

In a way i'm glad we have contributed to this thread. It's not a totally one sided view, which it probably would have been, and i'm sure readers will make their own conclusions.

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