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Originally Posted by gaza01 View Post

And lastly when you hold these strong opinions on world issues do you really think you know the full extent/truth of the matter to the point where you can insult, ridicule and totally dismiss someone else's opinion? One minor change in the details you assume are fact could sway your opinion completely!
I think it entirely reasonable to ask someone who offers an unsubstantiated point view to offer something to support their perspective. Regardless of one's take on a matter, one must have some reason for believing it. Hopefully there's some sound logic behind it as well.

Beliefs lacking logic are called faith and are the domain of religion, not political discussion. And even in religion, it's possible to prove some things. For example, it is only logical that in the Western concept of God, it's logical that there is only one God. The reason for this is that the existence of an irresistible force and the immovable object requires that there cannot be two all powerful gods. If there could be two, one could choose to that force and that would preclude the other from being simultaneously that object. Thus both could not be said to be all powerful. That, of course, says nothing about there actually being such an entity, but at least if one exists, one can be sure there is only one. There can be only one. (Highlander had that much right. )

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