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There was another user looking for help with regards to coding and was trying to get in touch with ******. I just want to post here what I have previously sent him, in case anyone finds it helpful:

"You will need the following to code:

1) Here is the single post that I used to set my software up:

One tip is that I would read through that WHOLE post. There are some key posts that will make your life easier, regarding the set up. I believe there are also some minor, but important, modifications to the instructions.

2) After you have the software set up, in the same post there is a PDF "DIY PDF Format." Use this to learn how to code. Note: the last few steps show you how to code for the "digital speed on cluster."

When you're at this step, it tells you to select "CAS" from the list. This isn't entirely correct. It should be under KOMBI. Don't worry if this doesn't make sense now, it will once you have things set up.

3) Lastly, in the same post, is a spreadsheet that is a key showing how to mod specific things. Once you've got a handle on things, this will be your go-to.

Oh and earlier in the same post, people are talking about how the software doesn't work in 64-bit operating systems and how you have to set up a VM running 32-bit. This is false (it was only true for earlier versions). So, don't worry about this. I did all this on 64-bit Windows 7. If you have Windows 8, I'm not sure about that one.

Also: The files you'll be working with will be "Program Files" found in that link I sent you. The video he has up there is extremely helpful. I would watch it once, read through that whole thread, then watch it again keeping in mind the modifications you'll have to make. "