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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Well seeing as I can't spot anything different (apologies If I've missed anything obvious), I think you've gone ahead and bought some wheels!!
ahh you deep guy! after i spent so much money as well, you don't even notice lol joke, i sound like a woman... nah it's pretty hard to tell from that photo but i got me some lows (i wish i could get some new wheels, but ima save up til summer, then i can get some nice split rims )

this is before:


i could literally stick my fist in there and everybody knows when you can stick a fist in something, it's usually not that great

and the rear:

not as bad as the front, but still bad...

and this is how she sits now:

(man that ass is just so sexy, if i say so myself lol)

this is the rear now:

and this is the front:

i am yet to get the wheels aligned and the stance perfected, i like how the back sits, but the front can go down another 2cm i think, that should give it the stance i want can anyone recommend me a place to do this, i've heard feltham tyres is good?

anyways, this is the brand i went with:

not gonna lie, the ride has just gone out the window... it's very jiggly and hard on bumps, i've suddenly noticed a lot more potholes lol... but i guess some of the ride is due to having RFTs... ima try find some fake BBS LMs for the time being so the ride gets better... but the handling is immense! i can push in corners like a crazy person and it just keeps gripping! the car stays flat, and my god, it's such a joy to drive! i love it i think for me the compromise in ride is worth it, but for the average user i doubt it... my dad hates the new setup and he has an e60 m-sport on 18" RFTs so says a lot lol...

and on top of that update... i got me some CIC action

was it worth it? mmmm i dont really think 1g but maybe 500... i was expecting iPod connectivity but i need a combox (maybe a later upgrade) and the mp3 collection is very basic (shows file names instead of track names and there's no track, artist or album search function so it's difficult to find certain tracks)... the satnav is amazing and the whole interface is so so good... a lot of people say CCC is like a child's computer and CIC is a macbook, but realistically i say the upgrade is going from Windows 95 to Windows XP - it's a big upgrade, but is it really worth the monies! selling my old CCC should make the price of this more justifiable though, but it was definitely a great upgrade and i love using it! (also i'm pretty sure the sound quality got better, probably a better amp in the unit)...

also i love the new controller:

looks much more modern! as good looking as the new audi systems

anyways, just to finish off, i took some HDRs:

next up i got a load of little things to do again... m3 steering wheel, lci tail lights, wrap the interior trim, engine bay respray, brake calliper paint, and put some mesh into the front bumper holes

hope you enjoyed the pictures and read!
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