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Originally Posted by AdamC View Post
Car looks sick with the roof down.
What rebound settings are you using on the BC's? Few others are running them on here and haven't heard about too much compromise in the ride quality before. Maybe have to try fiddling with the settings a bit.
lol thanks, i just realised, these are the first proper photos i've taken with the roof down! ahh i don't even know, i need to read up about them, but i think they're somewhere between the middle and the hardest settings lol... probably hardest seeing as most people think the ride is okay? i'll get the alignment people to sort it out

Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Achu looks LEGIT, the HD pics have come out HARD! Good ma for BCs, I've certainly not felt a compromise. I did feel with FTs they were pretty hard and I wasn't feeling great but dude, switch to Non RFTs and the difference Is night and day! So much grip, softness and traction. Don't compromise on tyres either... go mid table onwards tyre wise...
yeah i've heard! RFTs are so stupid yeahhh, i was probably gonna go for Vredesteins cos i like the tread design lool...

Originally Posted by 1sh@Crystalwhite View Post
Stunning!!! Awesome work mate! Look forward to seeing this badboy in person!

I agree with Josh - get them wheels spaced out!
i'm gonna be at Santapod BMW show so if you come down, you can see it i might have a look into spacers, but they're not even the winter wheels i want so probably no point!

Originally Posted by PJJD View Post
As said, it looks awesome with the roof down! Bit OCD about interior air vents?
thanks man! ahahaha I didn't even notice the air vents!

a little update to happen soon, one of the little things i need done got a box waiting to be opened!
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