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Originally Posted by IEDEI View Post
it's funny how Lexus have a target audience of 50-70 year olds, but then design these disgusting, over the top designs. I think it's to make older people feel young.....TERRIBLE! they definitely have the worst designers around. Their cars are universally hideous.

the only reason the LFA works is that it is a supercar, and crazy designs work in supercars and sports cars. They don't work in dime-a-dozen passenger cars and SUVs though.
The LFA is nowhere near what I would call a "crazy design." The LFA looks quite bland to me. I respect it as a car given that it's like the 5th fastest production vehicle on earth (nurburgring) and impressively it manages to achieve that while being vastly underpowered compared to its competitors, but it's very bland looking. The front looks way too soft for my taste, IMO.