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I have designed, built and have been testing numerous versions of an all-aluminum billet and 6061 clutch pedal for all E90/91/92, 1-Series and all F-cars.

I've been racing with it in our 135i and the E90 M3 since March and have finalized on the design and have started building them.

THe pedals lower the resting height of the pedal and are "short throw". The bronze bushing, eliminates all flex in the clutch pedal system - it is basically an awesome racing part that's perfect for any sporty-driven modern manual BMW.

The over-center spring location adjustable by the user for perfect feel.

The pedal kit will be carried by Turnermotorsports, Bimmerworld, European Auto Source, TC Kline and Achilles Motorsports along with a couple tuners in Europe. They have all received a production version of the pedal for final testing, fitment confirmation, pictures, etc.

Keep an eye out on their web sites for their introduction of the pedal kit - probably late September 2013.

It should be aprox $300 and avail in black anodize to start.

-Ralph Warren