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First sorry for reviving an old thread.
Did a new turbo fix your problem?
This happened to me today. I tried accelerating while going up hill en the power just dissapeared, turned down the radio and yeah it does sound like a cat in pain. Towed my car back home and started ripping it appart, there is alot of play in the impeller, but it is not damaged so the engine should be fine. My car has rolled 159 000km (about 100k miles) and I haven't noticed any thing until yesterday when I had a sudden abrupt powerloss when accelerating hard, but it was fine again so I blamed the DTC for it. My car has been slightly hesitant around 1500-2000RPMs, but nothing out of the ordinary for a turbo diesel. Will replace it my self with a core exchange as BMW want 2000 for a new turbo and at least 2000 for the work. Will clean an check my inlet manifold and all hose while I'm waiting for my overhauld turbo. BTW my car is a December 2005 build E91 320D
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